Lunchtime Session: 2

In today’s lunchtime session, we focused on planning what kind of things we could include in these sessions.

We narrowed it down to 3 topics for now:

  • Working with iPad
  • Mind mapping
  • Presentations

The third one seemed very useful to hold a session about presentations as students in level 5 & 6 will likely have some group presentations to do – like I do.

I think it will be great to show students that they can create an entire presentation on the iPads, and then even present from them via an adapter for the projector.

One thing we realised was that when you use Keynote, and then export it as Google Slides for PowerPoint formats, you lose some formatting and/animations. So we would need to show students that they would need to decide which software they would use in their final presentation, and create a basic presentation on the iPad before exporting it as another format.

Next session is on 1st December, 1-2pm in room C1.03



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