Use iPad to present? Not quite…

Today I’d like to talk about my experience in using the iPads to create and present a presentation at the University. As a group, we had to create a presentation for the ‘Professional Practice’ module.


iPad connected to projector during my tests to make sure it works and that it’s easy to switch back to PC display – and it was.

We loved the way Keynote could express information through it’s animations and transitions – specifically ‘magic move’. iPad and Keynote is undoubtedly the best presentation software I have ever used, but even though our tutor is a Digital Leader,  we were still not allowed to use the iPads to present.

This is really disappointing considering the amount of time and effort we put in to Keynote. When we asked the tutor why we can’t use it, the reply was a very vague: “it might cause disruption” despite her saying we could use it, when we asked her in the previous week. It wasn’t a case of it not being allowed in the coursework.

We now have to export and reproduce a presentation in PowerPoint.

I’m hoping that in future, tutors will be more confident in letting students present from the iPad as it was a really fun and enjoyable experience to create on it (We actually created on Keynote for Mac and easily transferred it to the iPad).

I’m aware there may be valid reasons for not allowing us, such as:

  • Not fair on others who used PowerPoint
  • Possible software advantages
  • It really would cause disruption for next group (i.e: Might not let tutor switch back to PC mode quickly)
  • It might not be reliable
  • Module leader wants to use PowerPoint only (even though submission can be in .PDF



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