iPad in Lectures

Have the iPads been used in lectures?

The main point was to enhance learning through the use of them.

The answer is… yes!

I have a module called “Professional Practice” this year and the lecturer has encouraged us to bring in our tablets/laptops every single lecture. This lecture is the only one where we use the iPads in every single one so far. It makes a slow, long lecture seem more interesting and engaging.


He uses it as a gateway to Google Forms – to gather answers to questions set by himself. After we complete the form, he displays a graph on the projector showing us the percentage of answers – which he then goes through and gives us explanations on the correct and wrong answers.

Granted, the form can be completed via a laptop or phone too, but he encourages the use of iPad to complete them too.


Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 20.23.29

Email text from lecturer asking us to make sure we bring iPads fully charged and ready to go!

Another lecturer, for the module ‘Advanced Client Side Web Development’, has been using the iPads with the NearPod app, asking us to follow the slides and complete the short questions in between. This is a great way of seeing how much we’ve picked up or what we are weak on. She does not use the iPads regularly, but we have used them in about 4-5 lectures thus far.

Hopefully more and more tutors will involve the use of iPads from semester 2.



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