Tip: Get at something in your inbox before sending an email

If you’ve ever started to type an email on you iPad and then suddenly remember that there is a message in your inbox that you want to take a look at, to get some more information, you can do that using the following tip and you won’t lose sight of your email in progress.

To get started, tap and hold on the top of the new mail message (or email reply) where the email subject sits, then drag it all the way down to the bottom of the iPad screen. As you do this you’ll notice the Mail app Inbox becomes visible


The email has been minimised to the bottom of the screen

While the message has been minimised, you can get at your other emails, copy some text and paste it in to your new email.

When you wish to open and return to the minimized email message, simply tap on the minimized email subject header at the bottom of the Mail app to maximize and re-open the email

This is very useful when you want to email a lecturer and need to quote some text from a previous email!



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