Tip: Split Keyboard

The iPad Air has many specific features that take advantage of the device’s large display.

A great feature on the iPad is the ‘split keyboard’ which allows you to separate the onscreen keyboard into two halves, allowing for easier typing with your thumbs.

This feature is on by default in Settings, General, Keyboard, Split Keyboard.

When you’re using the keyboard, in the lower right hand corner you will notice a keyboard icon – officially called the “Keyboard Key”. If you tap it once, it will hide the keyboard. If you tap and hold on it however, you will see the following menu pop-up:


Slide your finger up to ‘split’, and your keyboard will raise up and split in half – for easy thumb typing in portrait (can also be done in landscape)!

To get back to normal, simply tap and hold that key and tap ‘dock and merge’.

You can also drag the keyboard up and down the screen by holding the key down and sliding your finger up and down.

Give it a try and tell me what you think.



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