Start of semester 2 – My Thoughts

Although its still the first week back, I think I can talk a bit about how semester 2 has started.

Firstly, tutors seem more relaxed with the idea of having iPads in the classroom – and thats GREAT.

2 of my lecturers have already emphasised that we should bring the iPads to every lecture as they hope to incorporate apps to help us follow the slides. One lecturer used a service called “Zeetings” to broadcast his slide show with some interactive questions in between.

Broadcasting slides is something other lecturers have done using NearPod, but I like how this lecturer has introduced a new app. We were able to run it all through Safari which was good because we didn’t have to install something new. Having slides right in front of you is handy if you’re sat at the back or can’t see the text at the bottom of the screen. I did notice, however, that you couldn’t go back to the previous slide when the lecturer has gone to the next slide, which is a minor annoyance.

Nevertheless, he went as far as saying that laptops create a sort of barrier between students the lecturer, and iPads are great because they lie flatter on the desks, which I agree with.


Digital Ambassadors can be located by these tags at the Digifest

Secondly, the Digifest has been off to a great start with many students interested in learning new things about the iPads. They didn’t know just how much power they are carrying around and its nice to be able to pass on some knowledge.

Students found the split keyboard, touch keyboard and slide over very useful features of the iPad and they said they could see them using those features on a regular basis.

There’s still 11 weeks to go, and I am confident tutors and lecturers will come out of their comfort zone and incorporate iPads a lot more!



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