Month: February 2016

Tip: “Remind me about this later”

Siri is your built in virtual assistant and it can help you get so many things done, just by asking!

If you’ve never used Siri, you can summon Siri by holding down the home button – and I bet you’ve done that accidentally 10 times 😆

The next time you’re browsing a website, or found a good store near the University of Westminster, and want to be reminded about it later – ask siri to “remind me about this later”.


Siri will save what ever is on the screen as a reminder and remind you to get back to it later on in the day. You’ll see it in the Reminders app, and tapping on the Reminder will take you back to that screen.


Give it a go the next time you want to be reminded about something on your screen 🙂


Tip: Do Not Disturb

When you’re giving a presentation, or in a quiet lecture room, you might wish your iPad didn’t keep annoying you with email or Calendar tones.

The solution is very simple! It’s a feature on the iPad called “Do Not Disturb” and it does exactly that.

You can turn it on via Settings, but the quickest and best way is via Control Centre. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the ‘Moon’ icon.


This will NOT stop notifications coming to your iPad – it will just not light up the screen or play a sound. It only works when your iPad is in sleep mode (locked).

But what if you want to always silence tones and notifications while you’re using the iPad? Maybe you’re doing something that requires full concentration – like understanding Java.

By default, this behaviour is off. To enable it, go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and turn SILENCE to ‘Always’. Now you can take lecture notes and not get distracted by Candy Crush notifications. You can get back to your notifications from Notification Centre though.

I showed this to one of my classmates that was turning on Do Not Disturb and he was quite surprised at the fact he wasn’t fully enabling the feature for the times he wanted to use the iPad in peace. He was glad to know about the setting and said he would use it interchangeably between the normal setting and this hidden one.



Getting At My Files on iPad

When you’re working on the iPad, there comes a time where you might want to save your work somewhere, for access later on or on a different device (i.e a PC).

Since the iPad doesn’t have any place to plug in a USB, or include a file system, it can be difficult because you’re basically forced to store your work online. It is confusing at first but now I’ve begun to store my files in 3 places.

iCloud Drive


I like the simplicity of Page for iPad because of its feature rich design and it works flawlessly via iCloud. With iCloud Drive, my Pages documents are uploaded to iCloud and available to me on any PC when I sign in to

From there, I can continue to work on them OR download them as Word files and save them to my USB.

One thing I didn’t like about this was that it was difficult to access my files from a different iOS device as it works through your Apple ID. I have a uni Apple ID and personal one and so keeping them separate is a main priority. It was not easy to sign in to my personal one, and sign in separately into iCloud Drive to get my files. You have to sign in to the whole iOS device to get to your files – which is annoying, but if you just use the FST iPads, then its perfect.



Word is another app that I have recently started using – primarily because I’m entitled to Office 365 as a student. Its working great so far and I can install OneDrive on my iPad and sign in separately from my Apple ID. Again, all my notes sync across my devices and I can view them at home on my PC later on.

Since its Microsoft Word, all my docs are in a standard .docx format and compatible with nearly all my devices. Plus, the 1TB of space is plenty!

Google Drive


I use Google Drive for everything else such as uploading images and files that I don’t want to mix up with my uni work in the above.

I found that using 3 apps works best for me, but I noticed that many people have solely been using Google Drive for all their storage-on-iPad needs.