Semester 2

Firstly, apologies for not keeping the blog “alive” throughout semester 1. Things got busy quickly and I felt like I would be talking about the same things anyway! Thats in the past, so I hope it won’t happen again…

Next – A lot has changed since the end of semester 1. For one, nearly all lecturers are making an effort to encourage the use of the iPads this semester.

In one of my lectures, the tutor encourages us to bring the iPads in order to complete a lecture quiz/survey and to post comments on the lecture Padlets. This really does create an engaging atmosphere in a lecture that might seem slightly ‘boring’.

For my iOS programming module, the lecturer advised us to download “Swift Playgrounds” as a way of accessing a sandboxed programming environment for the lectures, as he believes laptops create a barrier, and as a way to learn the Swift programming language – it’s been working! (review?)

Finally, my third lecturer likes the fact we can use the iPads to see a mobile view of websites while we have the desktop version up on the computers. It provides for a quick and easy comparison that we can use for our website implementation later on.

Can I also just point out how happy I am with the execution of the Apple AirPrint protocol around the university? It makes printing from our iOS devices so much easier and quicker, as its often quicker to open a file on the iPad than a computer. More information can be found by clicking here.



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