About this Blog

Thanks for checking out my blog.

My name is Irfan and I’m in my second year of Computer Science at the University of Westminster, London.

As part of a huge pilot project at the University of Westminster, we have been given iPad Air’s in an effort to transform learning. 2,500 iPads were handed out to students in their second and third years  – 80 of which went to Digital Ambassadors.

Technology is changing every day, and so is the way we learn. I’ve taken it upon myself to learn the material taught in the lectures and tutorials via the iPads. I intend to replace my pen and paper with iPad and Pages, and make some other changes so that I’m utilising the iPad to its full potential.

I have also volunteered to become a “Digital Ambassador”. There are 80 of us, from different departments, but the same faculty (Faculty of Science and Technology). It’s our duty to make sure these iPads are being used to their full potential. Also helping them be integrated as much as possible in fellow classmmates learning environments – while at the time, encouraging everyone become more “digital”.

I’ve created this blog to document my use of the iPad and how its helped me learn at uni even better and talk about any obstacles. I will also be sharing a range of tips and tricks that I found useful and hope you might try them and tell me what you think.

If you think I can improve this blog in anyway, please check out the feedback page to contribute your thoughts!

Please follow my blog, post any comments and stay to date with my iPad learning journey 🙂


Fun notes:

  • The handwriting-esque header above was actually written on the iPad in Notability, and edited on a Mac using Photoshop.
  • This blog is mostly written on the iPad itself using the WordPress app!

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