Useful Apps

Last update: 30 Jan 17.

Apps that I find useful or interesting will be listed here.

Search them on the App Store for more info or to download them – or open this page on your iPad and tap the name of the app to open it in the App Store 🙂

CALENDAR: The built in calendar app on your iPad is very powerful. Once you bring your iPad in to university for a week or so, it gradually learns the times you arrive and leave uni and then provides you with useful info about traffic conditions. It's also a great place to add your university timetable so you can see your next lecture/tutorial in Notification Center. (part of your iPad)
CHECKLIST+: A feature rich to do list app (£)
REFME: For creating references for coursework. It helps you create professional looking references that have no shortcomings. (free)
PAGES: For taking professional and clear notes in lectures. Also very powerful for word processing. And it's easy to take notes and then pick them up on your computer at home. (free)
YOUPLAYER: Let's you watch YouTube videos in a small section of the screen (picture in picture) while you do other things on iPad such as play a game or check the News. (free)
SWIFTY: Learn the Swift 2 programming language! (free)
JAVVY: Learn Java (free)
NOTABILITY: Take notes, sketch drawings - better with stylus/Apple Pencil (£)
DUET: An app for extending the display of your laptop (£)